Details Make the Difference …

Beauty is always in the details, and it’s the subtle ones that work together to create unity throughout a home. Take repeating elements, for example — finely crafted molding on cabinet doors can be repeated as a shelf nosing and crown molding from other rooms can be replicated on a fireplace mantel. These custom milled moldings, with profiles that compliment each other, create a classic, refined appearance. Intricate recessed panel molding can be a scaled down version of door and window casings, and can be featured in wainscot paneling and interior door panels.

Mahogany, finished to a dark tone, can be used as secondary wood for stair railings, as well as a kitchen peninsula top to broaden the range of wood tones. And, of course, there are hidden details that have to be seen to be truly appreciated, like dovetail joinery of drawers. Dovetails are always a sign of quality and help ensure that your drawers will last a lifetime.

Vaulted ceilings and dormers are details that can create dramatic angles throughout a home. Crisp straight lines can be achieved by precise framing and highly-skilled sheet rock tapers. Plaster bump outs above fireplace mantels can help a room appear taller. An additional element of visual interest can be added with marbled texture — not just in your kitchen or the bathrooms, but also in unusual areas of your home.

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